It’s Been A While…

I am the worst “blogger” ever, if you can call me that. I want to be a blogger, but I fail at keeping up with it. My apologies.

Life update:

I figured out how to get trash picked up at my duplex. After a week of calling different companies and being put on hold for forever (6 minutes, I don’t have much time ya’ll.) I finally came in to touch with a company whose cheerful representative is now my new BFF -shout out to a chick names Stephanie-

I was so excited to wake up to the sound at 6 am to my trash being picked up. Success! I waived at the garbage men but I don’t think they noticed me. It was still dark. It’s the little things.
My job. Well, I am being told I am doing well, I feel like I am doing well (I am a banker) but I fail to see much credit to my “doing well” hint hint pay raise hint hint struggle bus over here. But I have a plan and I will work on that.

Annoyed. I have found myself annoyed by so many things. I don’t know if it is my age, my lack of interest in the politics going on in the world, or just my personality. But literally everything is annoying me lately and I wish I wasn’t this annoyed.

I got a hair cut. Like a LOT of hair gone. Like from butt to shoulder gone. RIP hair but I had to do it.  I needed something different and my hair was just so unhealthy and thing. Forever getting use to how much shampoo I DON’T need in the shower.

My cats are heathens. Bandit seems to find joy in destroying any type of chord. Have replaced 4 phone charges in the last 6 months. Peace out wallet.

I left my comfort zone. I drove to VA to visit my sister who lives with our cousins (about a 5 hr drive) and it was the best thing ever. Although Hurricane Matthew decided to rain a little on my way there, but the weekend ended up being nice and sunny. Lovely as ever, I over compensated on the sweaters for sure.  

I am currently working on not caring so much what people think of me. It’s hard when I’m in a job position where what people think of me matters a lot, but I find myself going home and dwelling on every little comment made to me. It could just be me at this age of 21 and sensitive to everything, or I could just be paranoid.






We’ve Stopped Taking Photos By Taking Too Many

My dad and me pretending to know how to read.

    Since the boom of the iPhones, selfies, photo bombs, and snaps have taken over the simple candid of a sweet moment where no one constantly went “Ew retake that!” I’ve noticed over time as I’ve been collecting pictures from my grandmother’s house that there aren’t many recent pictures in there. The last family candid moments and group photos date back to around 2007. So what is it? Why did we stop taking pictures of our kids eating a popsicle on grandma’s sunporch or a funny picture of baby Jimmy falling asleep on his grandpa’s belly?

    From my personal observation being on social media and all, I noticed (and guilty myself) that we are more focused on what’s a “perfect” picture to share and if a selfie looks good enough or how to catch that super cute quote-worthy picture with our boyfriend and best friends. We have all these options now to retouch our photos before we share them with anyone on our phone’s apps from filters to cropping out the people we no longer want included in the memory.

    I don’t know about you but I love and treasure old photos. I giggle at the pictures my mom took of me holding my forearms up to the camera with a big cheesy smile proud of the pen art work I scribbled on myself. Its nice to have these private photos and I don’t known what I would do if my mom had a Facebook at the time and shared the laugh with all her friends and acquaintances. Its nice to laugh at cute things kids do but sometimes I feel like we lose the value of a photo or memory by over sharing it. I mean do we really need to document your kid’s potty training experience? Is he/she going to laugh and want to recap on the moment he dropped a poop into the big kids toilet? I don’t know, maybe it’s easy for me to say now since I don’t have any children. I’m open to criticism on that one.

    I love selfies and I’m all for sharing pictures of your vacation and what not but I am starting to feel a trend of over sharing, myself included. I don’t share as much as a lot of people I know, so it made me stop and wonder if anyone really cares or is everyone just caught up in the “oh let me share this” moment because we are encouraged to share so much of everything we do.

     I guess I am just an old soul. I almost wish we could go back to a time where we took pictures on a camera and then waited a half hour for our photos to be developed. It was nice to see pictures we forgot we took or how bad/good they came out. Since there are a lack of photos I have been able to find of myself in my teens because at the time I uploaded everything online (which got deleted overtime and now I wish I had saved them somewhere) I made a vow to myself to take photos of my future children’s mile stones so that maybe one day they will treasure a moment I was able to catch and print out that I will put away in an album for them to enjoy.