About Me


…Give me a minute to figure out what I’m doing here…trying to revive an old blog…trying to remember how to blog after being practically internetless – gasps!

Hello there curious reader,
My name is Liz, short for Elizabeth but by 7th Grade that was thrown out and Liz was the shiz.

A slightly dated picture of me but I promise you, I look the same.
A slightly dated picture of me but I promise you, I look the same.

If you’re reading this in 2016, then I am currently 21 years old. I graduated from high school and a community college with a Certificate in Applied Science and later on passed the boards for a license as a Dental Assistant.

But you know what I did? I didn’t do that. Well I did, for a year, and then realized it wasn’t for me followed by another job that wasn’t “for me.” I am now happily (questionable on Fridays) a supervisor of a branch for a community bank. So far so good, and my goals are to go further. I’m getting there, slowly.

I’m not satisfied though, I’m still searching. For hobbies, something social, something different, and possibly continuing my education in some random field I may never use like I did the first time.

So now I have you, oh wonderful blogging world. Where I can  share my thought’s and opinions and rants and late-night gibberish. I enjoy communicating with fellow bloggers, and reading what others have to say. So feel free to discuss and comment all you want! I promise it may take me three weeks to get back to you, but hey, I WILL get back to you 😉 -distracted forgetful person-

Anyways, to sum me up:
I like to write.
I work in a bank.
I have a degree in dental assisting, clearly not using it.
I don’t believe in good hair days.
I DO however, believe in chocolate as an important balanced breakfast.
I live with my boyfriend Levi who is completely wonderful and just about as silly as I am. 4 years strong.
We have four (update:3) cats. Two of which were his since his childhood, and two kittens which
we have taken pity upon and adopted them into our little kingdom of awesomeness.
I like to bake at odd hours in the night and vacuum the house at odd hours in the morning.
I love to be outside or near a window because I may or may not be living in your mom’s basement.

And lastly, I like to share stories. So bare with me as I pick up on this lovely idea of blogging my thoughts and opinions of life.

❤ Liz


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