My Thoughts After the Election 

A little scared.
Not because of the typical “I’m scared because a sexist racist is running the whitehouse” but because so many people have gotten themselves SO worked up over this man because of our wonderdul media. Pumping out newstories of things he said out of context. Click-baitey articles like “Trump only likes women who are a 10” and bull shit like that. We millenials are title readers! We aren’t going to read past that. We’re going to share it and freak out all our friends with the caption “I sure hope he don’t think I’m a ten.” 
Seriously. No, I don’t think he is the best candidate, but Clinton wasn’t either. Clinter was loved by the media so much that the Dems thought she was golden. Bernie would have won. Bernie had every millenial wagging their tails. He was a steal for the Democrats. A WIN. Nope. Clinton…were going to throw the female card. With the feminists rising up from their hashtags and clapbacks, she was a safe choice I guess in their eyes. I know she is well qualified besides just being a woman, heck I’m a woman, but I personally could not see why they did not choose Bernie over her. Now they’re all in shock; that scary orange man just won the presidency. He’s running our country. 
Rest assured I am not afraid of him, I don’t think he is half as scary as the media has played him out to be. I also don’t think he will be able to handle much without a LOT of help. But he’s a business man, he’s smart, and he hates the media. So we will see how this turns out. Right now, I just find myself scared of how bad everyone is reacting. The people who have so much hate for people who didn’t vote like them. For the people who voted for Trump with racist intentions. For the left racists who think the right racists are worse then them. The hate and divide between everyone. 
All I know is that this will be an interesting year cone 2017. Time will tell, and hopefully, our President Trump can surprise us all (again) and prove that he cares about America (ALL America) and bring us togrther in a different way that benefits everyone. 

No more hate. Life is too short to hate. 




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