My Thoughts The Night Before The Election

Not that you care.


Okay, maybe you do.

  1. In 2008 I was 13; my parents were Republicans and Christian extremists (meaning they get mad about holiday cups at Starbucks not reflecting Christ). They were in disgust that we had a potential black president. They aren’t racist, but they were convinced he was. I remember being afraid, I grew up afraid in away. Every year we were “closer to the end times” and I mean i guess we all are in a way. Barrack Obama was THE end of the world. He was the “Anti Christ.” When you’re young, your views on the world are very much molded by your parents whether you want to admit it or not. It is when we grow and learn to think for ourselves that we learn to take the good and ignore the bad. So I, at the proud mature age of 13, knew I would never vote Democrat because my parents didn’t. Simple as that.

Fast forward eight years and I am very impressed with our current President. I am neither Democrat nor Republican, but I give credit where credit is due. I can’t help but laugh at how my parents had themselves so frightened that they were in the end times and convinced our president was out to destroy their Christian nation. What a sad wasted eight years for them. Stuck praying multiple times a day while making fun of other religions who dedicate special times of prayer. I find a lot of hypocrisy in their views, but that is a whole other post. My point is, I see a lot of people acting like it is the “end times” today. It very well could be close to our earth just exploding and ceasing to exist anymore, or God coming down from the sky and rescuing his children from this planet he put down here. No matter which way you look at it, the elections have always been a time for people to fret about the future. Rightfully so. But I found it especially worrisome for the religious folks. Where everything is a sign from God or a vision of things to come. Or better yet, I just read a few Christians in a thread sharing how they think Trump reflect DAVID from the bible….yes. I’ll just leave that there. Anyways.

Thought point #1: No matter who is running for president, there has always been a history of religious fear and biased opinions.

2. Big Picture: This is America! Land of the free! We drop it likes it’s hot and the other countries wanna know how we got those moves. You have a right to vote so vote for who you want. I would like to say thank you to everyone who respects other people’s opinions, and to the people unfriending, unfollowing, or simply attacking their fellow human because of his/her political stance, you need to remember what we as Americans all claim to stand for. Religious freedom (no not Christian/Catholic only all others are heathens). Equality, something that has been fought for for many years by both people of color and gender. And last but not least, our unapologetic care free manor. “Whatever happens, happens” seems to be a lot of people’s favorite sayings. It applies to many aspects in life. I have noticed that Americans are full of back up plans, quick fixes, go to pick me ups, and helpful hints. We get that life is hard and full of trial and error – we coined the American Dream on that. Get er done! ‘Merica! You get where I’m going. We’re chill. For the most part. If were not chill, were offended, but that’s another post…ha.

3. The memes, GIFS, videos, all those things we’ve been sharing our effecting our opinions. I see so many people (I too have been guilty) sharing things that slam another candidate or praise a candidate for something that isn’t always true or factually correct. Both candidates have their flaws and I just personally wish hardcore Trump and Clinton fans would be more open minded to that statement. Everyone is so quick to yell “trump nazi” or “killary” and it’s like yea, I get it, you hate Trump/Hillary ha ha with your come back. Emails, scandals, he said she said. So much is out of context it’s hard not to get swallowed up in the bullshit the media keeps pumping out to us every day. It’s been overwhelming for me seeing as how i have become genuinely interest in our politics and what each candidate stands for. I see pros and cons in both. I’m such a neutralist it’s annoying to even myself. Everyone yells pick one or the other but there are other choices and I’m not here to tell you who to vote for. I just want open mindedness to be applied to everything. Everything we share, tweet, sub, follow. It all matters and plays a part in what we think and observe. Our perspectives change. Let’s not let our opinions and thoughts change because of something not true or fair.


Wow, if you read all of that thanks, go eat a doughnut or something. Thumbs up. Feel free to share your thoughts or opinions. I’ve ran into a few people who are pretty neutral like me. I am gonna say I’m Libertarian but I have such a hard time claiming that. Are you Libertarian? What does it mean to you?





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