I Won’t Shut Up About Human Trafficking

   I haven’t addressed this topic on this blog yet, but I feel it is time to start. Each day my heart aches more and more at the thought of someone being exploited in some horrible manner this very moment. I almost wish one day a report will come out saying “it’s all a joke, no one really sells children and women around like their pieces of meat.” But the realist in me knows better. I know this will never stop, I know no matter how much advocating I do will not stop it, I know no amount of laws will stop it. I do however, know that even if organizations like these stop only one group of traffickers or save one girl, then that’s one more person not being harmed anymore. Luckily, they’ve stopped more than one sick twat and have rescued many many girls and boys.

So as long as organizations keep dedicating their resources to rescue missions and creating awareness at places like airports, truck stops, and hotels, the world will slowly become a little bit of a better place.

I, personally, am not a religious person and didn’t get involved in advocating this because of any religious belief, but no matter your reason for wanting to end human trafficking, I commend you.

Right now, advocating is working. Research is working. Talking instead of ignoring a possible issue is working. So don’t do it for your mom, don’t do it for your church, don’t do it because you feel God called you to do it, do it because you’re a decent human being who believes all humans should be treated with respect, love, and dignity.



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