Home Is Where They Are


(This is something I shared on my Facebook a month ago and thought I would share it here as well. Trying to get back to my blogging.)

I realized last night that it would be my last night ever in this home, my grandparents home. This was THE house to be growing up. My grandparents had 4 children who then gave them TWELVE grandchildren, me being lucky enough to be one of them. I know this post won’t be as sentimental to most of you, but seeing as how I share little moments of my life on here I thought I would include this one. Many summers, holidays, birthdays, and random visits for sled rides happened here. They’re kids lived very spread out, from Russia to Maryland, though they all eventually made it to living in the states. This was home.

    If you were ever fortunate enough to knock on their door you’d be greeted by the most polite and humble human beings on the planet. Their yard saw many childhoods, and made for many memorable tree climbing, hide and seek, fort building, and sled riding. I learned to plant a flower garden here. I learned to make my bed here. I learned to walk (literally, Easter Sunday). I learned that my grandma is a very wise and intelligent woman. She is so thoughtful and has spent her whole life serving others despite her amazing potential. She decided to direct her skills towards her family, and for that I am forever grateful. My grandfather set the standard for all men to me. He still tells her she’s beautiful, he still brags about her like she’s the hottest thing to walk the earth. He’s also a very handy man in every area. He made sure all his grandkids knew what they were doing no matter what it was. From cars to laundry, he was a very handy man despite his limitations due to accidents. I could go into so much detail on how this house help raised me. I’m sad to see my grandparents moving.

   But after all, time does it’s thing and has made it hard for them to move up and down the stairs that wrap around this home. They will be in an easier laid out place and my grandma will probably relax knowing she doesn’t have as much to keep up with. I’m happy to see them excited about a change. Though I never came from much, I feel like the most fortunate girl on the planet to have been cared for by these people. I will never forget the memories on Mogadore Road.



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