Considering Leaving Social Media

I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I like Facebook, love Instagram, not sure what to think about twitter since I’m not famous nor do I have friends to tweet, and I despise snapchat.

But as much as I may love it and may be guilty of using it, I hate being apart of it sometimes. I hate what is has become. I hate where it is going and the lack of human interaction it is creating. I use to be on it all the time, I use to post and document everything just like any other sixteen year old. Maybe I’m just lame and don’t have anything fun in my life going on that’s worth sharing.

You see, I’m in my twenties but I don’t care for the parties or selfies or drama. I don’t care about other people’s business as much as I thought I did. I’m basically an 80 year old woman trapped in a 20 year old body. I prefer cleaning my house and picking from my garden as opposed to snap-chatting what I’m wearing or tweeting about what song is stuck in my head. When I get on facebook, I like to see what my brother in college is doing with his inner-city kids work and his business unfolding, I like to see my sister being a nervous wreck going into college and commenting comforting words as her oh so wise older sister. I like to see my cousins adventurous pictures of them traveling around the world (without me). I like to see my grandpa figure out social media and posting embarrassing pictures of my grandma. I also like to see where my old friends are, what they’ve been doing, and who they’re with now.

But all of these things I like to see I have noticed that they also make me sad in a way. Sad that I am not with them, sad that I don’t have any world traveling pics to share, and sad that my old friends are no longer my real-life friends, or maybe I would be in those pictures with them.

With as much stuff as there is for me to like about facebook, I feel like it is just not for me anymore. I find myself scrolling through the 80% pointless junk that my 398 friends are sharing, just to find something I’m interested in reading. Over the past two years, I have been sharing less and less on facebook. I’ll share some pics of my garden, a random selfie here and there, an unhealthy amount of pictures of my cats, and occasionally make a humorous status. Then there are those “Liz Moments” where I share my opinion on something and get bombarded by comments of people who think they know better. Which they might, but I don’t care.

So maybe, if I take the time to do so, I will just spend more time on here where it is more open-minded, more interesting, and full of other people who make the time to share a story. I’ll keep my facebook for now, I’m sure I’ll get married one day and want to share a million pictures of me looking bomb in a wedding gown, or announce to the world in a cute way that I’m expecting a child. But for now, I’m more focused on being creative with the words I share, the pictures I take, and the thoughts I surface on the internet.

Anyone else considering jumping off the social media ship?



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