3:44 AM Thoughts

It’s really late. Or should I say, it’s really early?

I’ve got ideas, I’ve always had ideas. Slowly but surely, I have been putting those ideas into text. Whether it’s jotting them down on my phone’s notepad app or throwing a few key words onto a word document, I’ve been trying really hard to get them to work.

Ever since I was a little Liz, I loved to write and tell a story. I wanted to be a Journalist well until I was about fifteen, when people started telling me that I should “Get real” and realize that Journalism was a dying career choice. But I figured no matter what career I chose, where I went in my life, I could always have a pen and paper (or app) nearby that would allow me to jot down any ideas I may have.

I don’t know where to start, I don’t know how to start. Fellow writers out there, where did you start with your writing? I’m so intimidated by my own ideas and thoughts that I don’t even know where to begin with my writing process. I want to so badly begin on this trilogy book idea I have had in mind for some time now, but I can’t bring myself to write.

I wish I had the excuse of writers block, but in fact it is the exact opposite. I have a million ideas and words and subjects to go with, but I continue to hesitate with doubt. Doubt that it will ever work, doubt that I will ever finish a piece of writing, doubt that I can even try and be successful something as simple as grammar.

So those are my thoughts for this early, humid, Monday morning.

Advice Appreciated.



2 thoughts on “3:44 AM Thoughts

  1. I new too. I started my work in May. My dad is a published author and I think the best advice he ever gave me in this new journey is to write what’s exciting and fill in the rest later. Write the big scene now, and back track from there until you reach “the beginning” Then make it all consistent and move forward from there. If you get stuck again, do the same thing. Write the next big exciting scene and backtrack until you fill the space from the time you left off.

    Hope this is helpful. You don’t have a problem of pulling the idea from the sky and putting it to paper (so to speak). Embellish what you have and fill in the spaces later.
    Perfect example. I based my entire novel on a bed time story that I just finished before reading your blog. Good luck!!!

    • Thank you for sharing your father’s advice! Very good point. I’ve always thought of starting by writing random conversations and going from there. I will incorporate those ideas into my writing. šŸ™‚

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