Things I Don’t Understand

  • People who don’t have their license.
  • People who date people who do not have a license.
  • People who don’t have the need to get a license and drive.
  • Girls who get their nails done every three weeks and complain about having no money.

  • Same said girls who that also get their hair done every eight weeks and complain about having no money.
  • The fact that I don’t have enough money to enjoy either of said above luxuries.
  • Women.
  • Men.
  • People.
  • Why my family still looks down upon my steady three year relationship with the same man and won’t accept that I will not become a preacher/doctor/looney tune’s wife.
  • The fact the I have considered not having children.
  • The fact that I wanted babies like, yesterday.
  • Why I get yelled at by my supervisor when I do everything plus more that is asked of me.
  • Why I am an overachiever.
  • Having four cats (guilty).
  • Credit scores.
  • My abnormal fear of belly-button piercings.
  • Reality TV-shows about wives who wear too much attitude and lack the art of “less is more.”

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