Staying On Top Of It

Hello readers,

Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been distracted by evening swims after work and trying to spend time off of the computer/phone as much as possible. Go me!

Starting this Monday, I will be having a different but easier schedule which will allow me to leave work a little earlier in the day… AWESOME. But that also means I will be going in earlier in the morning (boo). I’m debating if I still want to try and get up an extra fifteen minutes early for a run or just head to the gym after work. Normally, I try to get up a little early before leaving for work at 8:05 and go for a walk, and then on the days that I don’t do that, I hit the gym on my lunch. On the days I have to leave by that time, I wake up around 7:00. But with my new schedule I will have to be leaving the house by 7:15. BIG difference in my morning routine considering no matter how hard I try, I am not a morning person.

Morning people, tell me your secrets!

Despite not being a morning person, I’ve been determined to really keep up with a healthy routine. I know I don’t always eat the healthiest, but at least I stay active throughout my work week. It all balances itself out, right? Still can’t get rid of a little cellulite.

Speaking of cellulite, what are some foods I need to avoid or start eating to help eliminate the cellulite?

Anyways, I’ve been really feel like I’m on top of my life lately. I eat right (90% of the time), I exercise, I continue to put effort into looking professional at work (hair, makeup), I keep my sink clear of dishes, and I keep my house clean as well as laundry caught up.

Is it acceptable to count having a million glade plug-ins as a means of keeping your house smelling clean? No? Okay.

So how are you all staying on top of it this week? Did you tackle that pile of laundry and now feel like you have that much more floor space for another week? Or did you switch up your morning routine and it’s making you feel good?



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